Ninomiya 1 Yen (A-1 Yen-note) : Japanese modern note

Japanese modern note > Ninomiya 1 Yen
Face value : 1 Yen
Design : Portrait of Ninomiya Sontoku
Issue : March, 1946 (Showa era, year 21), This note is still valid.
Size : 68mm X 124mm
Ninomiya Kinjiro (Ninomiya Sontoku, 1787-1856) was a prominent 19th century Japanese agricultural leader who was born to a poor peasant family but became a great landowner and aid to the bakufu and daimyo. In Japan, he is still a symbol of hard work and perseverance today. Born in a poor farmer family with a name of Kinjiro, Sontoku studied on his own as he worked hard for his family. A name Sontoku was given to him for his accomplishment. Later in his life was recruited by various daimyo to run village restoration projects. He is generally regarded even to this day as a symbol of hardwork and perseverance.

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