Takenouchi 1 Yen (I-1 Yen-note) : Japanese modern note

Japanese modern note > Takenouchi 1 Yen
Face value : 1 Yen
Design : Portrait of Ninomiya Sontoku
Issue : March, 1946 (Showa era, year 21), This note is still valid.
Size : 70mm X 122mm
Takenouchi no Sukune is said to have lived 283 years (A.D.84 ? - A.D.367 ?), and served Emperor Chuai, Empress Jingu and Emperor Ojin: he is usually associated with Jingu (170-269), for whom he was Grand Minister, and with whom he invaded Korea (Silla).
The Japanese are very proud of the direct descent of their Emperor from Jimmu, and, through him, the sun goddess, Amaterasu. This pride is well earned, because, in the midst of the debate at court over the invasion, Emperor Chuai, who opposed it, died. It is said that the Empress was pregnant at the time, and put rocks in her sash to delay the delivery. When she and Takenouchi returned, two years later, the future Emperor, Ojin, was allowed to be born.
Jingu served as Ojin's regent for, apparently, sixty-nine years. At one point, late in the regency, Takenouchi was accused of treason, and underwent the ordeal of boiling water to prove his innocence.

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