Wake no Kiyomaro 10 Yen (Third-order) : Japanese modern note

Japanese modern note > Wake no Kiyomaro 10 Yen
Face value : 10 Yen
Design : Portrait of Wake-no-Kiyomaro
Issue : November, 1944 (Showa era, year 19), Abolition : March, 1946 (Showa era, year 21)
Size : 81mm X 142mm
Wake no Kiyomaro (733 - 799) was a Japanese high-ranked official, who . He was born in Bizen Province today Wake, Okayama.
In 769, he was sent to Usa shrine to receive the divine message; it refutes the previous one, which says Dokyo to be the next emperor after Empress Koken (later Empress Shotoku).

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