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Face value : 10 Sen
Design : Tower of Hakkou Ichiu
Issue : November, 1944 (Showa era, year 19), Abolition : December, 1953 (Showa era, year 28)
Size : 51mm X 106mm
Tower of Hakkou Ichiu (Miyazaki City Heiwadai park)
Tower of Hakkou Ichiu started constructing as commemoration Independence 2600 years in May, 1939, and it completed it in November, 1940. The character of "Hakkou Ichiu character" that His Imperial Highness Chichibunomiya had written was engraved to the center of the front.
The slogan "Hakkou Ichiu" became popular in Japan of about 1940.
It was a word that means "The world is one family". It is a pronoun of colonialism and imperialism, now.
This tower was a symbol of imperialism. However, this tower exists now.
After the war, "Hakkou Ichiu character" was cut down from the tower. However, character and soldier's images were revived again. It is reproduced and it is called, "Tower of peace" in the symbol of peace. Why ?

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